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Presenter Mode

Click the button in the navigation panel, or visit http://localhost:3030/presenter manually, to enter the presenter mode. Whenever you enter the presenter mode, other page instances will automatically stay in sync with the presenter.


Presenter mode is enabled by default.

You can disable this feature with the following config:

presenter: false

Or you can enable it only for dev or build mode by setting the mode you want in the config:

presenter: dev

In that case the presenter will only be available when running slidev but not when running slidev build.

Remote restricted access

You can run your presentation with remote access by running slidev --remote.

In that case you may want to share the slides with other people but you don't want them to access the presenter mode to mess up your presentation.

For this scenario you can provide a password for starting the server by running slidev --remote=your_password.

In that case you will need to provide the password when accessing /presenter/* routes.

Released under the MIT License.