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Getting Started

Slidev (slide + dev, /slaɪdɪv/) is a web-based slides maker and presenter. It's designed for developers to focus on writing content in Markdown while also having the power of HTML and Vue components to deliver pixel-perfect layouts and designs with embedded interactive demos in your presentations.

It uses a feature-rich markdown file to generate beautiful slides with an instant reloading experience, along with many built-in integrations such as live coding, PDF exporting, presentation recording, and so on. Since it's powered by the web, you can do anything with Slidev - the possibilities are endless.

You can learn more about the rationale behind the project in the Why Slidev section.


  • 📝 Markdown-based - use your favorite editors and workflow
  • 🧑‍💻 Developer Friendly - built-in syntax highlighting, live coding, etc.
  • 🎨 Themable - theme can be shared and used with npm packages
  • 🌈 Stylish - on-demand utilities via UnoCSS.
  • 🤹 Interactive - embedding Vue components seamlessly
  • 🎙 Presenter Mode - use another window, or even your phone to control your slides
  • 🎨 Drawing - draw and annotate on your slides
  • 🧮 LaTeX - built-in LaTeX math equations support
  • 📰 Diagrams - creates diagrams with textual descriptions
  • 🌟 Icons - Access to icons from any icon set directly
  • 💻 Editors - integrated editor, or extension for VS Code
  • 🎥 Recording - built-in recording and camera view
  • 📤 Portable - export into PDF, PNGs, or even a hostable SPA
  • ⚡️ Fast - instant reloading powered by Vite
  • 🛠 Hackable - using Vite plugins, Vue components, or any npm packages

Scaffolding Your First Presentation

Try it Online

Start Slidev right in your browser:

Create Locally

npm init slidev@latest
yarn create slidev
pnpm create slidev

Follow the prompts and start making your slides now! For more details about the markdown syntax, read through the syntax guide.

Command Line Interface

In a project where Slidev is installed, you can use the slidev binary in your npm scripts.

  "scripts": {
    "dev": "slidev", // start dev server
    "build": "slidev build", // build for production SPA
    "export": "slidev export" // export slides to pdf

Otherwise, you can use it with npx

$ npx slidev

Run slidev --help for more options available.

Markdown Syntax

Slidev reads your file under your project root and converts them into slides. Whenever you make changes to it, the content of the slides will be updated immediately. For example:

# Slidev

Hello World


# Page 2

Directly use code blocks for highlighting

console.log('Hello, World!')


# Page 3

Read more about the Slidev Markdown syntax in the syntax guide.

Tech Stack

Slidev is made possible by combining these tools and technologies.

Released under the MIT License.