Starter Template

Slidev requires Node.js >=14.0

The best way to get started is using our official starter template.

With NPM:

$ npm init slidev@latest

With Yarn:

$ yarn create slidev

Follow the prompts and it will open up the slideshow at http://localhost:3030/ automatically for you.

It also contains the basic setup and a short demo with instructions on how to get started with Slidev.

Install Manually

If you still prefer to install Slidev manually or would like to integrate it into your existing projects, you can do:

$ npm install @slidev/cli @slidev/theme-default
$ touch
$ npx slidev

Please note if you are using pnpm, you will need to enable shamefully-hoist option for Slidev to work properly:

echo 'shamefully-hoist=true' >> .npmrc

Install Globally

Available since v0.14

You can install Slidev globally with the following command

$ npm i -g @slidev/cli

And then use slidev everywhere without creating a project every time.

$ slidev

This command will also try to use local @slidev/cli if it has been found in the node_modules.

Install on Docker

If you need a rapid way to run a presentation with containers, you can use the prebuilt docker image maintained by stig124, or build your own.

Refer to the slidevjs/container repo for more details.