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Use Addon

Addons are sets of additional components, layouts, styles, configurations...etc. that you can use in your presentation.

They are quite similar to themes, but in general:

  • they don't affect the global styles of your slides
  • you can use multiple addons in one presentation

To use addons, you have to install them manually via:

$ npm install [slidev-addon-package1] [slidev-addon-package2]

And then declare the addons either in your frontmatter:

  - slidev-addon-package1
  - slidev-addon-package2

Or in your package.json file:

// package.json
  "slidev": {
    "addons": [


  • slidev-addon-qrcode is an addon that allows you to embed QR codes in your slides.

  • slidev-addon-remoji is an addon that replaces emoji with icons in your slides for consistency / printing purposes.

Released under the MIT License.